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Restoke's easy-to-use procedures allow you to create and customise recurring, day-to-day task checklists for your staff to follow, without having to do any of the manual follow up. These can be set up for any repeatable tasks within your venue, from opening and closing procedures to compliance protocols (e.g. temperature logs). You (or a manager) will be notified in real-time of completion or any notable issues.

We've added some templates to get you started, but these can be tailored to any procedures you need completed.

Please note: Procedures can only be created, customised and assigned by managers and above. (see Inviting Team Members for roles and permissions).

Creating a Procedure:

  • Head to the left toolbar, and click Operations > Procedures.

  • Click the red "+" sign in the right-hand corner to create a new procedure:

    • For an easy start, choose one of our templates by clicking "From template"; or

    • Build your own and start from scratch by clicking "Blank procedure".

Customising your Procedure:

  • Name your procedure with a title, or customise the template procedure title.

  • Select when you'd like to be notified about this procedure using the "Notify via email when" dropdown (e.g. never, not completed only, completed with issues only, completed or always).

    • Keep in mind, you will be notified via the in-app notifications regardless of this setting.

  • Select what department owns this procedure with the "Departments" dropdown.

  • For when you want the procedure completed, select which day and time you'd like the procedure to appear in MyDay and the cut-off time (Managers will be alerted 15 minutes before the cut-off time if it has not been completed); or

    • Select "Advanced" to create customised schedules (e.g. fortnightly, monthly etc).

Please note: When completing procedures, your staff will access them from MyDay. Read more about completing procedures here.

Adding items to your procedure list:

To add a line to your procedure checklist, click the red "+" icon underneath each line. This will generate a text field to add a new instruction as well as a customisation from the procedure types listed below.

Note if you have an existing procedure list you can copy and paste this list in from your word or excel file. Please see 💡 Pro Tip #3.

Procedure types:

  • Yes / No: Choose this option for a classic to-do list. Your team member will be able to tick off the task as it's done, or press ! and comment on an issue or even take a photo of the issue.

  • Min-Max: Set a number range for anything you can quantify, if the number is above the maximum or lower than the minimum you provided, you'll get a notification, ideal for fridge temperature logs.

  • Photo: Ask your team member to take a photo proving or recording the completion of progress of the procedure. Ideal for critical processes in your venue.

  • Free text: Require a team member to answer a question or make a comment in their own words.

  • Title: Set a title or a new section in your procedure.

  • Embed: Embed a document file such as a PDF which will then be visible for staff when completing the checklist.

💡 Pro Tip #1: If you've got a procedure that you don't want to be scheduled regularly, you can add the procedure without selecting any days for it to appear, and it can be selected as a new procedure in MyDay on the day you want you to use it.

💡 Pro Tip #2: If you've assigned a procedure to a department, it will appear for all members of that department. You can delegate to a specific team member by following these steps:

  • Jump into your MyDay, locate the procedure, and then click the Blue Circle.

  • This will generate a person icon, where you can then select a staff member in that department to complete the particular procedure.

  • Once selected the procedure will disappear and move down to the "assigned" tab in MyDay, where you will be able to view who has been assigned the particular task.

  • That staff member will receive a notification upon assignment.

💡 Pro Tip #3: If you have a procedure as a soft file, click the button "Create from text". You can then select all the text in the file and copy it into the prompt window. Every new line will add a new item in the procedure, so make sure they are separated accordingly.

💡 Pro Tip #4: Add photos, videos, and externals sources to your procedure instructions! These will really help give your team more context and avoid confusion. You can do this by clicking add instructions > more options > add image/video/file link.

  • When adding a file, this must be stored on an internal cloud source like Google Drive, Sharepoint, Dropbox. Make sure that the link being shared is set to public.

💡 Pro Tip #5: To view a history log of a procedure, navigate below the procedure and click "View History". Additionally, all procedure logs are exportable, and to do so:

  • Click "View Summary" in the top right corner of the procedure history page.

  • Then choose the week you are exporting for in the top left corner, where the date and calendar icon are marked.

  • Lastly, click "Export' in the top right corner and choose whether you'd like an XLSX or PDF file.

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