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From time to time, unique action items might pop up that fall outside of your everyday, recurring procedures. At Restoke, we refer to these as tasks.

For example, you may have a VIP guest or a health inspector visiting on a given day and you'd like to assign this particular responsibility to a department or a staff member for any necessary steps to be taken.

Please note: Tasks can only be created and assigned by managers and above (see Inviting Team Members for roles and permissions).

Setting up a Task

  1. Head to the left toolbar, and click Operations > Tasks.

  2. On the "Tasks" page navigate to the far right corner and click "+New Task".

  3. Add a title to the Task.

  4. Then provide a text description of what you would like your team or staff member to complete.

  5. Lastly, decide whether you'd like to assign this to an entire department or a specific staff member.

  6. Once you've done so, click "Submit".

  7. Once assigned, the Task will appear in the list on the "Tasks" page with a status (open/closed/canceled), creation time, and completed time.

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