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Adding your Suppliers, Prep Recipes, and Dish Recipes

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After creating your Prep Recipes and Dish Recipes, sort your dishes into a menu(s). The Menu functionality can be used to create various menus to cater for seasonality or specials. For example, create seasonal menus that will prepare you year-round for any changes, or a specials menu, where you're able to change the selling price for special items.

Please note: Changes to Menu selling prices will not impact the selling pricing set in your Dish Recipes.

Please note: Menus can only be seen by managers and above (see Inviting Team Members for roles and permissions).

Adding a Menu Item:

  • Head to the left toolbar, and click Recipes and Menus > Menus.

  • Click the red "+ New Menu" button in the right-hand corner to create a new menu. This can be your entire menu, or specific menus "i.e. Lunch, Dinner, etc".

  • Now click the red "+New Item" to create your new menu item.

Customising your Menu Item:

  • Select your recipe from the dropdown menu. This will be pre-populated with the Dish Recipe you set up during the previous step.

  • Add the selling price of the menu item.

  • Add any special comments.

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