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Sometimes we just want to know the total value of the stock on our shelves without having to do it daily. Master Stocktakes can be conducted at the beginning or end of a particular period to see your general stock on hand and quickly calculate your COGS.

Please Note: Master Stocktake setup can only be initiated by Managers and above (see Inviting my Team Members for roles and permissions). It is then assigned to all department's MyDay to complete.

Setting up your Master Stocktake

  1. In the left toolbar, click Orders & Suppliers > Stocktakes.

  2. With a Master Stocktake, you can either:

    • Manually launch; or

    • Schedule it.

To manually launch:

  1. Navigate to the top right and click "New Master Stocktake".

  2. A box will pop up asking whether you want to complete you stocktake "By Supplier" or "By Storage Area":

    • The default is by supplier as this is how you inventory is uploaded into the system.

    • If you want to setup storage areas, please refer to the below section.

    • You can also click "more options" to limit the suppliers or storage areas shown in the stocktake, as well as giving your stocktake a title.

  3. Once you've chosen your type, click "create" to assign the Master Stocktake to your departments MyDay.

To schedule:

  1. Head to the stocktake schedule option in the top right corner.

  2. To switch on the schedule, flick on the toggle next to "Activate Schedule".

  3. If you wish to include Prep Recipes in the count, flick this toggle on.

  4. Then choose which day(s) and time of the week you'd like the stocktake to appear in My Day.

  5. Choose whether you'd like to the scheduled stocktake to be completed by supplier or storage area.

Monitoring and reviewing a stocktake

Once assigned, the stocktake will appear in the list on the "Stocktakes" page with a completion status, created time, completed time and title.

  • If you want to check on your team's progress, simply click on the highlighted "active" status.

  • You can also use the filters to arrange your stocktake by status, created date or completed date.

When your team has completed the Master Stocktake in MyDay, the status will flick to "completed" and the completion time will be logged with a time stamp.

  • Once the status has flicked to "completed", click into the status to view the stocktake count.

  • From here you can see the total value of the stock counted, export the stocktake and edit any miscounted items (see 💡 Pro Tip #1).

Storage Areas

You may want to customise your stocktakes further by splitting them into sections rather than by supplier. This can be useful if you complete master stocktakes by walking through sections of your venue, or you want a particular department to hold responsibility for stocktaking certain items.

Set up:

  1. Navigate to the left toolbar, and click into Settings.

  2. On the far right you'll see an area labelled "Storage Areas".

  3. Then click "+ New" and start adding as many sections as you like to split your stocktake. For example, this could be split by venue area (e.g. Cold Room, Hot Kitchen, Fridge 1, etc.) or by departments (Front of House, Bar, Kitchen, etc.)

  4. Once you've created your list of sections you will then need to assign your suppliers or specific items to each section.

  5. Navigate to the left toolbar and click Orders and Supplies > Suppliers.

  6. To assign an entire supplier basket to a stocktake section, click the blue circular icon > edit supplier details.

  7. Choose a stocktake section to assign to that supplier and its basket of items.

  8. To assign specific items within a supplier basket to a section, choose an item and navigate to its settings by clicking the gear icon.

  9. Once in the settings of the item, choose a stocktake area(s) to assign to that item.

Ordering from stocktakes

If you wish to make an order from a stocktake, click on the "completed" status of the stocktake, and in the top right corner click "Create Orders".


  • Go through each "draft" order, noting the in-stock amount and determining the quantities needing to be ordered.

  • Once happy, you can preview the order and submit it to your supplier.

💡 Pro Tip #1: To edit an already counted item from a stocktake, head to Orders and Supplies > Stocktakes, and then click the "completed" status. Once inside the stocktake, locate the item under the supplier or storage area, click blue circle and then the pencil icon to make any edits.

Further Reading

  1. Before conducting a Master Stocktake ensure you have added all your Suppliers

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