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Base, Expert & Pro (Live food costing updates only available on Expert & Pro packages)


Adding your Suppliers, Prep Recipes & Dish Recipes

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Don't miss a beat with live food cost updates as you upload supplier invoices! With our food costing tool, you will be able to deep dive into your Dish Recipes to determine whether they are optimally produced and sourced. You may discover that you have further wiggle room with your selling price, or a particularly pricey supply item is causing costing issues.

Food Costing:

  1. Once your Prep Recipes and Dish Recipes are completed, navigate to the left toolbar and click "Food Cost".

  2. A dashboard view will appear with two tables, the top being your optimally costed items, and the bottom being your sub-optimal.

    • Remember that this is determined by the Food Costing % configured in your "Settings" (see 💡 Pro Tip #2).

    • Any sub-optimal dishes will be marked with a red hazard icon.

    • You can also filter your food and beverage cost view by category or menu.

  3. To view food cost insights, click on any dish or beverage recipe item, and on the right-hand side, it will generate that recipes "Cost Info".

    • You can use these insights to deep dive into whether an item may be mispriced or a supplier potentially needs to be revised.

    • Please note: the cost of the recipe is calculated GST exclusive but the selling price is GST inclusive so Restoke shows you gross profit/margin which uses the selling price and net profit/margin which uses the selling price after tax.

Live Food Costing

With the Expert Package, you have access to Live Food Costing. This means every time you upload an invoice, Restoke will recognise price changes and update your supplier baskets and any connected recipes. This means your food costing will always be up-to-date and will allow you to extract daily insights via the food cost dashboard.

💡 Pro Tip #1: To see accurate food costs, ensure you have correctly completed your Prep and Dish Recipes.

💡 Pro Tip #2: An average restaurant's Food Cost is set around 25%, however, you can tweak this by navigating to the left toolbar, and then clicking Settings > Configuration. You're also able to set a threshold to ensure you're not instantly notified when costs ever so slightly fall outside your permitted range.

💡 Pro Tip #3: The costing figures presented are impacted by your GST settings. If you toggle off "Food Cost includes GST" in your settings, your optimal selling price will be calculated accordingly and vice versa.

Further Reading

  1. Configure your platform

  2. Ensure before viewing your food costing that you've completed uploading your Suppliers, Prep Recipes, and Dish Recipes

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