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An Order Schedule is an automated approach to ordering, which allows you to schedule a stocktake and make orders based on the par levels you set for each day. When you set up a Scheduled Order, you'll delegate a stocktake to your team before your order is sent to a supplier.

Setting up Scheduled Orders:

  1. Once you've uploaded your supplier basket, navigate to the top left and either click "create" or click the blue edit pencil icon button, and select "edit Order Schedule".

  2. You will then be prompted to set up your daily Scheduled Orders:

    • Select which days of the week you'd like to set up recurring orders from Monday to Sunday, or choose "Advanced" to create customised schedules (e.g. fortnightly, monthly etc).

    • Select when this order will appear on MyDay and the order's cut-off time (keep in mind our system sends out notifications 30 minutes before the cut-off time for orders).

  3. Depending on the days you've selected, set up your desired daily optimal stock levels so that you always have the stock you need on hand.

Sending Scheduled Orders to Suppliers:

  • Once you've completed the above steps, the order will appear in MyDay at the designated time in the form of a stocktake. It will appear for everyone in the relevant department that the supplier is connected to.

  • To locate this order, head to MyDay > Orders.

  • Next follow our guide to Sending Orders to Suppliers to learn more about finalising the order or delegating it to a teammate.

💡 Pro Tip #1: If you have a supplier that provides you with various categories of items, e.g. dairy, meat, seafood, packaging, etc. You can set up tags for particular days in your scheduled orders to ensure that your staff are only stock checking relevant items for that day, rather than a supplier's entire basket.

To do so:

  • Head to a supplier items settings and choose which tag applies. If you cannot find what you're after on the default list, create a new tag.

  • Once you've set up all your items with tags, head to your order schedule. For each day you've scheduled, you'll notice a filter icon, click on it and choose which tags apply.

  • If you do not wish to use scheduled orders but want to utilise the tags function, when completing stock checks or orders you can type the tag in the search bar and it will filter the item list.

💡 Pro Tip #2: If you would prefer to only order manually but still utilise par levels then once you've set up the schedule, turn the blue toggle off on your supplier card. This will deactivate the schedule however the system will still refer to the par levels when manually completing orders.

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