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If you're like most restaurants, then you probably use a device on-premise such as an iPad or Android tablet that is shared between your team. Thankfully, we've made it super simple for your team to interact with Restoke on a shared device with our Kiosk Mode.

Kiosk Mode displays a multi-user screen by either department or the individual users (you can choose this in "Settings") and allows staff members to log in and out of their accounts via their unique pin codes.

Please note: Only users with a manager or admin permission can enter Kiosk Mode (see Inviting Team Members for roles and permissions).

Accessing Kiosk Mode:

  1. Navigate to the top right corner to the circular icon with your initials.

  2. Click on it, and then click "Kiosk Mode".

  3. You will then be taken to a page that displays all user accounts (either by the user or department, depending on what you've chosen in "Settings").

  4. The user then needs to locate their account, and enter their unique pin code (these were initially sent to the user via SMS).

    • Alternatively, staff can also reset their pin codes directly from their own accounts by navigating to the top corner, clicking on their initials and then "update pin code"; or

    • Admin users are able to view and edit pin codes in "My Team" for each staff member.

  5. They will then be taken to their Restoke account.

  6. When a staff member is done, they simply need to click "Back to Kiosk Mode" and the next team member will be ready to go.

Kiosk Mode for iPad:

Kiosk Mode is available via our beta mode app, which you can install to your iPad following the instructional video below.

Kiosk Mode for Android:

Kiosk Mode is available via the Restoke app on all Android devices. Simply download the app via the Google Play Store or this link.

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