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Always wanted to check your venue's performance but weren't quite sure how to track it? Don't worry, the Restoke Dashboard has you covered!

Our dashboard offers multiple views that provide insights into the venue's overall performance, allowing you to drill down into a particular area of data to determine potential areas of improvement.

Under the Overview tab, the dashboard displays:

  • A bar graph with procedural issues viewable by time period (current day/week/month).

  • An activity log with the latest updates on platform activity.

  • The total dollar amount spent on weekly supply orders.

  • The total amount of orders placed for the week.

Under the Order tab, the dashboard displays:

  • The top 10 restaurant expenses, which can be presented by supplier or item (viewable over a 7, 30, or 365 day period).

  • For multi-venue operations, you are able to view this by specific location or for all venues.

Under the Procedures tab, the dashboard displays:

  • Any procedural issues that have occurred over time (viewable by current day, last 7 days, current month, previous month, and previous 3 months).

  • On the left is a pie graph displaying procedural outcomes by status (e.g created, completed, completed with issues, or canceled).

  • In the middle, using the table, users can view a breakdown of each completed or live procedure. Simply click the title to view a procedure's progress or any previously completed actions.

    • The table also shows a log of a procedure's current status, the creation time, who it was completed by, and the completion time.

  • On the right, the user can view a weekly or monthly summary of insights into any procedural issues.

💡 Pro Tip #1: If a pattern of issues can be observed with a particular procedure this might be an indication to investigate your team or equipment's performance, or revisit the procedure itself.

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