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Adding your suppliers


Say goodbye to that stack of invoices on your desk that you need to file and review at the end of each month! Thanks to our invoicing functionality, you can now log and centralise all incoming invoices. Plus if you're on our Expert Package or higher, you can send your processed invoices to your accounting platform, giving you an easy way to reconcile your invoices.

Please note: If you're using our iPhone or Android app to only upload invoices, you'll need to have set up your suppliers first.

Viewing Invoices:

  1. Head to the left toolbar, and navigate to Orders and Supplies > Invoices.

  2. Once on the invoices page, you will see a log of all invoices uploaded to the platform.

Methods to Upload an Invoice:

1. Receiving Orders

When you receive an order, you can upload the invoice your supplier provides via the "Receiving Form" on MyDay > Receiving. If your supplier provides you with paper copies, upload a photo of it.

If you can't locate your "Receiving Form", or you're not completing orders on Restoke, you may need to generate one:

  • Click + New > New Order Receiving .

  • Here you will be able to upload a photo of your invoice as well as manually mark the quantity of each item received (Remember: Restoke does not pull the quantity off the invoice, just the item and price changes).

Please Note: For iOS devices, you can only use this method to take a photo and upload an invoice.

2. Upload directly into invoice log

Head to Orders and Suppliers > Invoices.

You can directly upload invoices into the log by either:

  1. Clicking on +New Upload in the top right corner, and then dragging or selecting the invoice file from your computer.

  2. Clicking Open Invoice Drop Zone, and then dragging the invoice into the Drag & Drop box.

    • This may be preferable when you have many invoices that you need to process, as invoices will be immediately processed into the invoice log.

You can add another page to the invoice by clicking "add another page for this invoice".

Once you click submit, the invoice will then appear on the invoices log sorted by the date of the invoice. You may need to scroll down if you uploaded an early invoice.

Please Note: You may also be prompted to set the supplier. Simply click on the "No Supplier, set?" button and select your supplier from the drop down.

3. Automatic Invoice Uploads using your Restoke Email:

All Restoke accounts have a dedicated incoming email for invoices that can be located in Settings > Incoming email for invoices on your toolbar

It will typically be the

  • To receive invoices automatically, we've automatically copied the email address on the orders you send to suppliers.

  • If you're not ordering through Restoke, you can still receive invoices automatically by adding this email address to the cc field of your outgoing email order.

    • You can also simply ask your supplier to send invoices to this email address directly.

Please Note: For the invoices to be successfully delivered into Restoke, you must ensure that it is an attachment to the email and in PDF format. Other formats, and non-attached files (e.g. embedded files) will not be read.

Additionally, the system will not distinguish multiple attachments, so please ensure to only email one invoice at a time (multi-pages are fine).

Reviewing and Editing Invoices:

Once your invoice is uploaded, you can review it by clicking on the dots to the right of the invoice and selecting "Edit". You will see the total cost, the invoice type and the supplier it's connected to, which can be modified if anything is inaccurate.

If you would like to see the line item extraction, click the dots next to the invoice again and press "View Extraction". This will show you a full breakdown of the items on the invoice and all the information that's been extracted.

From here you can also send invoices to your accounting platform for reconciling.

💡 Pro Tip #1: Invoice image or PDF scanning is only available on the Expert package or higher.

💡 Pro Tip #2: Our system will try its best to attach live orders on MyDay to incoming invoices. If auto attachment fails, you can manually connect invoices to live orders. This will ensure you're only paying invoices once a delivery is completed. To manually connect invoices:

  1. On the Invoices page, move to the far right of the selected invoice and click on the three dots.

  2. Then click "Attach order", and select the live order you're connecting this invoice to in MyDay.

  3. Now, as the order is received this invoice's status will update along with any actions taken by your team (e.g. non-delivery, missing items, credit requests etc.)

If there are any notable issues marked upon receiving orders these are recognised by the platform on the invoice.

💡 Pro Tip #3: When an invoice is uploaded, we'll automatically recognise any new items or price changes. When this happens, you'll be notified with a pop-up in the bottom right corner or a red star next to the invoice. From there you can:

  • Review and approve price changes.

  • Or you can dismiss these to be reviewed at a later date. Any recognised changes on the invoice will still be marked with a red star.

Once the updates are approved, any new items or price changes will be reflected in your supplier baskets as well as update your costings for any connected recipes.

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