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Setting up Procedures


Restoke's easy-to-use procedures allow managers to create and customise recurring, day-to-day task checklists for staff to follow, without having to do any of the manual follow up. These can be set up for any repeatable tasks within a venue, from opening and closing procedures to compliance protocols (e.g. temperature logs). A manager of the assigned department will be notified in real-time of completion or any notable issues.

Viewing a Procedure:

Depending on how your procedures have been configured in the back-end, these will appear in MyDay under Procedures.

Procedures can be created in the following two ways:

  • Automatically at the scheduled day and time for the assigned departments; or

  • Need to be manually selected by clicking "+ New" > "New Procedure".

Please note: a scheduled activity will not appear retroactively. For example, you've scheduled a procedure for 10am but this time has already past, it will then appear at the next scheduled time.

Completing a Procedure:

Once the procedure has appeared, click on it to access the checklist. The checklist can be presented in the following formats:

  • Yes / No: Simply tick off the tasks as you complete them or if there is an issue, press ! and provide any comments or even take a photo to be submitted to your manager.

  • Min-Max: This field requires the entry of a number to satisfy a certain range, which has been set by your manager in the back-end. Simply enter the number as instructed, and your manager will be notified if there are any issues.

  • Photo: Here you are expected to provide a photo of the completed task.

  • Free text: If prompted, you will be provided with a text field to answer a question or make a comment in your own words.

  • Embedded File: A visible document such as a PDF may be embedded into the checklist for your review.

Once you've finished the checklist, click on "Mark as completed". This will notify all managers of the responsible department(s) whether the procedure has been completed with or without issues.

💡 Pro Tip #1: Procedures are assigned to an entire department, however, if a manager wants a particular staff member to complete it then they can assign it using these steps:

  • Jump into MyDay, locate the procedure, and then click the Blue Circle.

  • This will generate a person icon, where you can then select a staff member in that department to complete the particular procedure.

  • Once selected the procedure will disappear and move down to the "assigned" tab in MyDay, where you will be able to view who has been assigned the particular task.

  • That staff member will receive a notification upon assignment.

💡 Pro Tip #2: Once a procedure appears on MyDay, an in-app notification will be sent to all staff members in the assigned department.

💡 Pro Tip #3: A procedure cannot be submitted by a staff member until the entire list is completed. And so, if a field is left blank then any attempt to "Mark as completed" will not be allowed.

💡 Pro Tip #4: Managers may attach further information to a procedure such as detailed instructions, or a document. To view these, click the highlighted text for a particular procedure step, and any attachments will be generated.

💡 Pro Tip #5: Once a user completes a step in the procedure checklist, their action is logged with a timestamp and can be viewed under a procedure in "Procedure History" (see Setting up Procedures). Additionally, the last action that was taken and the time stamp are displayed on the procedure card in MyDay.

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