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Adding your Suppliers

Sending Orders to Suppliers

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When your order has been received, there's a few final steps to close the loop on the ordering process. This article will explain how this works.

Creating a Receiving Order form:

The first step to receiving an order is to generate the Receiving Order form. These are created in MyDay in the following two ways:

  • Automatically generated when an order is submitted via Restoke; or

  • Manually created by clicking "+ New" > "Receiving Order".

    • Please note: only applies if you're not ordering through Restoke.

    • You will be able to upload a photo of your invoice and then check the quantities received.

Once the form has been created, you'll find it in MyDay under Receiving.

Receiving Orders:

  1. Open the receiving order form for the particular order.

  2. Review the list of items, noting the item descriptions and quantities for any issues.

  3. If provided with an invoice, upload this under "Scan Invoice".

  4. Once you've completed reviewing the items, ask the delivery person to sign in the signature box.

  5. To finalise the delivery, click "Mark Order As.." and either select "Received" or "Cancelled".

    • Before marking your order as received, be sure to mark any issues (see below).

Marking Issues:

  • If there are issues, click Mark Issues and from the drop-downs, select the issue type (e.g. missing item) as well as the desired resolution (e.g. replace the missing item):

    • Once you click Submit Issue, your marked issue(s) will appear at the top of the form under Order Issues.

    • Click Send issues to supplier to send a communication to the supplier outlining the issue to be resolved.

      • This will send a communication back to supplier in the same way you ordered (e.g. email or SMS).

      • Additionally a new receiving order form will be generated under Receiving in MyDay for the missing items.

      • Be sure to mark this form as received once the supplier has actioned the resolution.

    • Please note: If you order via portal for a supplier, you cannot send issues as there is no direct contact for that supplier in the system.

  • Also if you have not received the original quantity ordered for an item and the invoice reflects this, you can use the "update" button to adjust the amount received or remove the item by entering a "0" quantity.

Temperature Logs:

  • If you wish to record the temperature of a supplier item upon receiving an order, navigate to Temperature Check and click "Add" on the far right.

💡 Pro Tip #1: To export recorded item temperature checks, navigate to the left toolbar and click "Dashboard". On the far right, click "Reports" > "Supplies temperature log report" and then select the date range you'd like to export. To record temperature checks when receiving certain supplier deliveries, this option must be switched on in the suppliers section (see adding your suppliers below).

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