Applies to:

Mac OS 10.11.X and under


If you can't access through your Safari as well as Chrome and getting errors like "Safari can't open the page" or something about certificates, this is because of a well known issue with "Lets encrypt", the largest certificate provider and the one Restoke uses as well.

You can add an exception for our browser but you can also fix it altogether since it'll happen on many other sites you use.

Follow the instructions below for a permanent fix (this will avoid the issue for other sites similar to ours):

1. Download this Root Certificate:



"ISRG Root X1"

(✅ Self-signed, ❌ NOT Cross-signed)



2. Verify that the fingerprints match:


This is in order for you to you know that the Root Certificate that we've linked you to is in fact the one that Lets encrypt provides and Apple has certified and trusted.

This is for *your* safety since you *shouldn't* trust us (but you really should!)



SOURCE: (Active > ISRG Root X1 > Self-signed > der)


- Search for: "ISRG Root X1"

You should see that the fingerprints match between the source and the Apple site.

3. Install the certificate:


- Via "Keychain"

- 'File' > 'Import Items...'

You can install it into either the 'login' or 'system' keychain. But not 'System Roots'

(which is where it *would* be, if we were on 10.12.1+)

- Login = Current user only

- System = All users

4. Manually "Trust" that certificate:


- Find "ISRG Root X1" in the list and double click on it.

- Open the "▶ Trust" area.

- Set: 'When using this certificate': to 'Always Trust'

- Close the window, which will ask you to verify with your login password.

🏁 Done!

If this does not solve the issue, please use the blue chat box in the right corner to contact us and we'll try to help.

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