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Connecting to Doshii through Restoke will integrate your Doshii configured POS system with our platform, giving you access to advanced analytics to help you analyse your venue. You'll receive live, actual inventory reports, COGs analytics and food costing insights that are compared with your expected spending. You'll also save time setting up your venue by automatically importing recipe cards into Restoke.

If you're a Restoke customer and you don't already have a Doshii account, you can create one through the following form by selecting one of relevant POS systems below:

  • Lightspeed

  • Square

  • Abacus

  • H&L

  • Impos

  • NCR Aloha

  • Oracle Micros

  • Raptor

Connecting Doshii to Restoke:

Once you have a fully connected POS system with Doshii, connecting it to Restoke is easy!


  1. Go to the left toolbar and click Settings. Then scroll down to Integrations > POS Systems

  2. Click Doshii and enter your Doshii API key to connect your account. To find your API Key, go to your Doshii account and find your "Hashed location ID" at the top of the page.


  • Once connected, head to the left toolbar and click on "Recipes and Menus" > "POS Products".

  • Under "POS Products", you will see a list of your POS items and you will have the option to either (see 💡 Pro Tip #1):

    • Create a new recipe card, or

    • Match a product to an existing recipe.

    • You can also choose to ignore the item.

Viewing Insights:

Once you've connected your POS, we'll start getting your daily sales data per item. Any item you've matched will appear in your Restoke dashboard. Make sure you have completed all recipes, including the selling price for Dish recipes to maximise your dashboard data insights (see 💡 Pro Tip #2).

Please note: Restoke will only receive data from the point your POS system is connected, so historical data will not be available.

To view your insights:

  • Head to the left toolbar, and click "Dashboard".

  • Navigate the top right corner and click "Cost Dashboard".

  • A dashboard will then appear with costing insights that include your:

    • Total COGs (dollar amount and percentage)

    • Total Food Cost (dollar amount and percentage)

    • Total Revenue

    • Expected vs. actual food costs per dish

    • Total food cost variance (the difference between expected vs. actual food costs)

    • Revenue per dish

    • Expected vs. actual costs per supplier item

    • Entire venue's performance (including COGs, Food Cost and Revenue).

Other benefits:

As Restoke will be scanning your sales data daily as well as tracking your inputs and outputs of inventory, we will be able to provide you with estimated stock on hand reports, supplier items COGs reports and inventory reports (see 💡 Pro Tip #2).

You can locate these reports under "Dashboard" > "Reports".

💡 Pro Tip #1: Before you start creating recipes, head into your Restoke Dish and Beverage recipes to create all your product categories. This will mean that when creating any recipe cards you can organise them by category.

💡 Pro Tip #2: To maximise the benefits of your POS integration you must:

  • Complete all your food costing setup within Restoke. That means you've entered all your Prep, Dish and/or Beverage recipes under the "Recipes and Menus" Section. See the dependencies above to ensure you've completed all the necessary steps.

  • You're also completing and receiving all orders in Restoke. In doing so, you're indicating to the system all your inputs and outputs.

  • You're completing a master stocktake periodically (e.g. start and end of every month).

Further Reading

  1. Ensure before connecting your POS system that you've completed adding your Suppliers

  2. Once you've connected, you can start populating your Prep Recipes and Dish Recipes

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