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If you have a supplier that provides you with various categories of items, e.g. dairy, meat, seafood, packaging, etc. - You can filter these with Tags.

For Scheduled Orders and Standing Orders, you will be able to filter particular days by tags to ensure that you're only ordering relevant items.

Alternatively, you can also use tags to filter the manual ordering process by typing the tag into the search bar at the top of your ordering slip or clicking "limit order" by tag.

Setting up your tags:

  • Head to Orders and Supplies > Suppliers and click on a Supplier.

  • From the list of Supplier Items, click on the cog icon to the right.

  • From Tags use the drop down to choose which tag applies from our default list. If you cannot find what you're after, click "add new tag".

Automated Ordering:

  • Once you've set up all your items with tags, head to the schedule of your order. For each day you've scheduled, you will now notice a filter icon, click on it and choose which tags apply for each day.

Please note, if you're not seeing the filter icon, then:

  • You'll need to switch on the tags feature for Scheduled Orders.

  • Head to Settings in the left toolbar, click the three dots above the configuration box and toggle on "tag filtering for order schedules".

Manual Ordering:

If you want to utilise the tags function when completing manual orders, you'll still need to follow the setup steps above. Then you've got 2 options:

1. Type the tag into the search bar when completing a stock check for the order, and it will filter through the supplier item list.

2. Click "limit order" and choose which tags you'd like limit the current order to.

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