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All of us can have a case of the butterfingers sometimes, and that's okay! But sadly, this leads to wasting the food we so dearly love. While keeping an eye on food waste can be easily overlooked, thankfully Restoke's easy-to-use recording system allows us to stay on top of it 😎.


From My Day, you can easily record your waste throughout the day. Simply click on the "+" icon > "Log Waste". You will be asked to search for the item or recipe, and then quantify the amount wasted.


Please note that after you select an item, the system will prompt you to identify the quantity and the unit of measurement that was wasted. In the unit of measurement drop down, the system will only show known conversions for an item (See💡 Pro Tip #1).

By default, we show the ordering unit of measurement for an item. For example, if you order your burger patties by the box, then only box will appear. If a conversion option is unavailable, e.g. you need to record the waste of each patty, not an entire box, then this conversion will need to be created.

You can create conversions in the back-end settings of a supplier item by heading to the supplier basket. However, please note that you intuitively create many of these when completing recipes in Restoke.

For prep recipes, you will only have one possible unit of measurement that you can record which is the produced unit. For example, you produce your burger sauce in litres, then the system will only allow for this selection in your recording.


Once the waste has been logged, from your desktop browser head to left toolbar and click into Dashboard > Reports. Under Reports, you will see waste log report, click on it and export a CSV file for the date range you're after.

Please note: if pricing seems off for the particular quantity recorded then it will be best to check your supplier basket or prep recipe to review the price or unit of measurement associated.

💡 Pro Tip #1: Don't see the unit of measurement required to appropriately record your supplier item waste? This means that you need to add this conversion in your supplier items settings.

💡 Pro Tip #2: Don't see the unit of measurement required to appropriately record your prep recipe waste? That's because you can only have one unit of measurement associated to a recipe in Restoke.

💡 Pro Tip #3: If you have your POS integration connected with Restoke and are utilising our automated inventory report, recording this loss of waste will decrement from your estimated stock on hand and add to the accuracy of the report.

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