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We've all had this happen before. You spend hours or even days calculating food costs just for them to change the next time you order! In a rapidly moving industry, this is happening now more than ever.

Thankfully you'll never have this problem again with Restoke's live food costing tool. Update recipe costs on the go without ever needing to do manual recalculations. Mind blowing 🤯

How it works:

Restoke uses a combination of OCR technology and AI to process invoices, match them to suppliers, and update your ingredient costs. This means every time you upload an invoice to Restoke, you'll get live food costing in seconds.


Once an invoice has been uploaded, a red star will appear next to invoices with actionable changes. Simply click on the three dots below the star and choose whether you want to view any price changes or new item extractions:

View price change extractions:

If you click this option, a pop up will appear with an image of the invoice on the left and suggested changes on the right. The system will show the old price (or the current supplier basket price) and the new price. Please note that the "new price" field is free text and can be amended if you need to make any changes to the value.

Simply review all changes, toggle the "approve" option and then click "Done". You can also approve all suggested changes at once by clicking "switch all" in the bottom left.

Once actioned, this will update the pricing of the selected items in the supplier basket and any connected recipes using those items.

💡 Pro Tip #1: Make sure to review all actionable changes prior to approval. As all suggested price changes or new item extractions can be amended or approved individually, be sure to look things over.

💡 Pro Tip #2: When a price update is made and it causes your food costing to fall outside your acceptable range, you will be notified.

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