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With fluctuating prices, you may want to change suppliers and then reflect these changes across your menu items. With Restoke, we've made it easy to substitute ingredients in and out of recipes to keep your food and beverage costing up-to-date.

Use case:

For example, you have a new supplier for lettuce and as a result you need to replace the original lettuce ingredient across several recipes. Let's call the original Lettuce 1 and the new, Lettuce 2.

To substitute Lettuce 2 in all the recipes previously using Lettuce 1, we need to jump into the settings of Lettuce 1 in your supplier basket. To do so, head to Orders and Supplies > Suppliers. Locate Lettuce 1 in the supplier basket and then click on the gear icon on the far right to access its settings.

Once inside the settings of Lettuce 1, you'll see on the far right an area for all "Recipes with this item". This should show all recipes that have Lettuce 1 list as an ingredient.


  • Click the three dots on the far right and click "replace with".

  • Type into the free text box the new supplier item (e.g. Lettuce 2).

    • It should appear in the drop assuming you've already added the item to a supplier basket.

  • Once you click "replace", it will swap out Lettuce 2 for Lettuce 1 in all listed recipes.

    • Please note: After swapping, please check all attached recipes to see if you need to re-do any conversions. This is likely given these are new items that have not previously been costed out in recipes.

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