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With Restoke, we've made it easy to send your invoices to your accounting platform. Our AI powered invoice recognition will conveniently itemise your uploaded invoices so you can do your accounting in a matter of moments!

Sending Invoices:

Once the invoice has appeared in your invoice list, and you have successfully connected your accounting integration, you will see a "Send to" button next to the invoice.

Click on it to review and edit the pre-populated fields in the pop up. Once you're happy with how it looks, scroll to the bottom and send your invoice to your accounting platform.

Any suppliers, codes or categories needing to be attached will only require a one-time setup. Restoke will remember these going forward.

Please note: If you notice any mistakes after sending an invoice to your accounting platform, you'll need to edit it within the accounting platform itself.

Send Invoices as Line Items:

If you're simply looking to reconcile totals paid to your supplier then toggle this setting off. However, if you're looking to send individual line items to your accounting platform, head to Settings > Configuration, and in the top right corner, click the dots and press "Edit Configuration". You'll then want to toggle on "Send line items to".

Now, when you go to send your invoice, you'll notice line items below the total. These can be individually edited to ensure the correct information is sent to your accounting platform.

If you have additional taxes (i.e. GST) and need to account for that when sending invoices as line items, simply head to the settings of that item and navigate to "GST Status":

  • For items that require GST to be added on (e.g. unit price does not include GST), select "GST on Expenses".

  • For items that include GST in the invoice price (e.g. unit price already includes GST), select "GST Free Expenses".

Approving Invoices (Optional):

Team members can still be tasked with approving invoices even if they are not connected to the accounting platform. For example, they may need to approve an invoice so your bookkeeper knows it's ready to be processed.

To approve an invoice, click on the "Send to" button and then scroll to the bottom of the pop up and click "Approve Invoice". You can also do this by clicking on the dots next to the invoice and going to "Mark as Approved".

This will mark the invoice status as ready for payment and is indicated by a green marker found directly under the invoice number as seen below.

Clicking on the "Approved" icon will reveal which team member approved it and when.

💡 Pro Tip #1: If you're having issues when sending an invoice to your accounting integration with line items, the error items will be underlined in red. Identify which line item is causing the issue and review whether the quantity, unit price or total price align with the totals on the invoice. Once the error items are amended the invoice will send.

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