You've just uploaded an invoice from a supplier and notice there's an item on there that you've never used before (or you need to substitute for an existing item). Don't stress! We've got your back.

Identifying New Item Extractions:

When you upload an invoice, our AI powered OCR will process it, then match it to suppliers and update your ingredient costs. If it can't match an existing item, it will identify a "New Item Extraction". This will appear as both a dialogue box when you upload the invoice, and as a red star next to the invoice.

Processing New Item Extractions:

To process a new item extraction, click the red star and head to "View New Items Extraction".

Actioning New Item Extractions:

The dialogue box that appears will give you the option to add new items to the supplier basket, which you can then connect to your recipes for updated recipe costings.

When you do this, review the list of items along with their Ordering UOMs (remember this should reflect how the item is ordered from your supplier). Once happy, toggle the approve option and click "Done". This will then add all new items to your supplier basket.

Handling Substitutions:

If you have ordered an existing item from a new or different supplier, we'll also flag a "New Item Extraction". For this situation, you'll want to substitute the existing item for the new item that's just been added to the supplier basket.

To handle this, follow the steps above, then read our guide to substitutions. We've made it really simple to swap ingredients across your recipes from your different supplier baskets.

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