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If you receive a notification or see a task in MyDay that looks like this:

Then you've been assigned an order. There's a few quick tasks you'll need to do to ensure that the order goes out to your supplier smoothly.

Sending orders consists of three quick steps:

  1. Completing the allocated stock check.

  2. Selecting the order amounts based on stock levels.

  3. Clicking "Send to Supplier" to finalise your order.

Completing a Stock Check:

  • Go through your stock levels item by item to check off how much stock you have.

  • Click "Complete Stock Check" to proceed to the next step.

Please note: You can skip a stock check if you're a senior staff or higher. However we reccomend completing this step as it will inform your ordering amounts, especially if your manager has setup par levels.

Selecting the Order Amounts:

  • After your stock check is completed, your slip will move to the ordering phase will be marked "Ready to send" in My Day.

  • Go through each item, line by line, to ensure your ordering amounts are sufficient.

  • Once happy, add any necessary notes to the supplier in the text box as well as marking a delivery date if applicable under "more options".

Please note: If your utilising par levels when ordering, the system will suggest order amounts for each. These can be edited prior to sending but keep in mind managers have set these for a reason.

Sending to your Supplier:

When you're happy with the order, you can click "Preview" to review your order, or "Send Order" to send your order to the supplier. It will look something like this:

Please note: If your supplier only accepts orders via an online portal, then you will be instead asked to "Go to portal" (💡 Pro Tip #6).

Next Steps:

  • After an order has been sent and received by the supplier, the status timestamp on the order card will change from "sent" to "confirmed".

  • In some circumstances, a supplier's email or phone provider will not provide a confirmation and the status will stay as "sent".

  • If you're concerned that the order has not been seen, double check that the supplier's contact details are entered correctly.

Next, follow our guide here on how to receive an order.

💡 Pro Tip #1: Best practice is to have one department assigned to a supplier to ensure clear lines of delegation when making orders. However, if no departments are selected, then orders for that supplier will not appear.

💡 Pro Tip #2: Once an order appears on MyDay, an in-app notification will be sent to all staff members in the assigned department.

💡 Pro Tip #3: Once a staff member completes a step in the order process their action is logged with a timestamp and can be viewed in a supplier's "Order History" (see Adding your suppliers).

💡 Pro Tip #4: Users with "staff" permissions are only able to complete stock checks, and cannot proceed past this point. Only "senior staff" or higher have the ability to skip stock checks and send orders to suppliers. Essentially, staff will provide senior staff or higher with the stock levels to make orders.

💡 Pro Tip #5: If the staff member who completed the stock check is unable to send the order, it will stay in MyDay under Orders until it is sent to the supplier (See image below).

💡 Pro Tip #6: Once an order has been submitted in the portal, it is essential to return to Restoke and mark as "done". This will create a receiving slip in MyDay under Receiving, ensuring all staff are aware of expected deliveries even if the order was submitted outside the system.

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