Standing orders are a simple alternative to Scheduled Orders, where you set the exact amounts that you want to order and the days you want to order for. These are then automatically sent to your supplier at the cut-off time.

Set up your Standing Order Schedules:

  1. Once you've uploaded your supplier basket, navigate to the top left and either click "create" or click the blue edit pencil icon button, and select "edit Standing Order Schedule".

  2. You will then be prompted to set up your daily Standing Orders:

    • Select which days of the week you'd like to set up recurring orders from Monday to Sunday, or choose "Advanced" to create customised schedules (e.g. fortnightly, monthly etc).

    • Select when this order will appear on MyDay and the order's cut-off time (keep in mind our system sends out notifications 30 minutes before the cut-off time for orders).

  3. Set your daily ordering quantities that you'd like to order. Please be aware that these are set ordering amounts and are not typically stock checked prior to an order being placed.

    • Managers will still get to review and edit quantities prior to final submission when the order appears in MyDay.

    • You will also be notified before the order is automatically sent to a supplier, so you can modify or cancel the order at this time.

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