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Adding your Suppliers


Need some stock ASAP or prefer not to use automated ordering? No problem, it's easy to order manually with Restoke.

Creating an Immediate Order:

There are two ways to create an Immediate Order from a Supplier.

  • The first way is to head to MyDay and click + New > Immediate Order.

  • The other way is to go to Orders and Suppliers > Suppliers. From the supplier card, click the top right blue circle, then click "New Immediate Order."

Sending Immediate Orders to Suppliers:

  • Once you've completed the above steps, you'll be taken to a dialogue box to complete the order.

  • The order will also appear in MyDay > Orders in the form of a stocktake, which you can use to delegate to a teammate if you prefer.

  • Follow our guide to Sending Orders to Suppliers to learn more about finalising or delegating the order.

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