Once you've connected your POS, we'll start getting your daily sales data per item.

Make sure you have completed all recipes, including the selling price for Dish Recipes to maximise your dashboard data insights (see 💡 Pro Tip #2).

Please note: we will only receive data from the point you connect your POS system, so historical data will not be available.

Viewing your insights:

  • Head to the left toolbar, and click "Dashboard".

  • A dashboard view will show the following insights (both in percentage and dollar amount):

    • Sales

    • COGs

    • Food Cost

    • Order sent

    • Food cost variance (the difference between expected vs. actual food costs)

    • Actual food cost

    • Labor cost

    • Waste cost

  • You can use the date filter above the dashboard to view the insights over particular periods of time.

Note: the greyed out figure and graph shows the previous periods performance.


As Restoke will be scanning your sales data daily as well as tracking any inputs and outputs of inventory, we will be able to provide you with estimated stock on hand reports, COGs reports and more. You can locate these reports under Dashboard > Reports (see 💡 Pro Tip #1).

To activate these reporting features, you will need to first complete a master stocktake in Restoke. By doing so, you will provide Restoke with your starting stock balance so we can start decrementing and incrementing your outputs and inputs.

💡 Pro Tip #1: To maximise the benefits of your POS integration you must:

  • Complete all your food costing setup within Restoke. That means you've entered all your Prep, Dish and Beverage recipes under the "Recipes and Menus" Section. See the dependencies above to ensure you've completed all the necessary steps.

  • You're also completing and receiving all orders in Restoke. In doing so, you're indicating to the system all your inputs and outputs.

  • You're completing a master stocktake periodically (e.g. start and end of every month).

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