By this point you've likely already attempted to connect Restoke to your MYOB account but after completing the login process outlined in our Accounting Integrations article, you might've run into an issue in completing the integration.

The reason for this is that MYOB has a requirement that only users with company files access can connect third party apps. Usually, only one user has such access and it is typically the person that initially set up the program. We have some trouble shooting steps below that you can follow to try resolve this and get your MYOB connected.

Please note: Credentials to the company file are likely NOT to be your regular MYOB credentials and the username is not likely to be an email.

Step 1:

If you're having trouble logging in with your own credentials, and believe you're the owner of the company files, try the following:

  1. Select the company file you're trying to connect from the drop down; &

  2. In the username field type: Administrator; &

  3. Leave the password field empty.

Step 2:

If the above trouble shooting steps fail, then it is likely your user does not have Company Files Access.

To identify this user, it is likely the person who initially set up your MYOB account (e.g. your bookkeeper or the business owner). Otherwise, get in touch with MYOB and they should be able to identify who has the access or reset the company files for you.

Please note: If you're on the MYOB essentials package, then it is likely your company does not have a user with access to the company files.

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